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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Being There for a Friend Who’s Survived Rape Or Sexual Abuse by Martin Baker

"To encourage someone is to help instil courage in them so that they can stand up and keep pressing forward."

Kevin Ngo


I’m grateful to Aimee Wilson, founder of the Shake My Hand campaign, for inviting me to write this post. My first thought was, I don’t know what I could say that would be of value to anyone. A moment’s reflection, however, reminded me that several of my friends are survivors of rape and sexual abuse. How do I know this? Because at some point they told me about it. More significantly, they allowed me into their lives, as they live through the consequences and impact of what happened. On that basis and from that perspective, here are my thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for supporting a friend or loved one who has survived similar experiences. 


Tuesday, July 9, 2024

One Whole Week Of Motivation

A popular form of social media content for a lot of its users are daily motivational quotes that often include little ditties or themes for the motivation like Wednesday Wisdom and Self-Care Sunday. We think this content is absolutely brilliant because it often shares thoughts related to each day that are actually common amongst others, so this ensures the posts are relatable. The quotes will often then mention a good way of having a more positive and productive attitude and generally a better way for your mental health of looking at things. So, we’ve put together some of our favourite quotes from Pinterest which are mostly themed for a particular day of the week and had a little chat about each day and what it can mean…


Friday, June 28, 2024

Our Top Online Courses to Benefit Survivors of Rape & Sexual Abuse

If you’ve seen our Help Directory – you can find it here – you’ll have noticed our promotion of online learning. In the Directory, we recognise that Survivors need help and support in different ways and through doing that, we can see that online learning can be so beneficial for the mental health, coping skills, and emotional wellbeing of Survivors. This is the case because often, the Courses provide reassurance that the Survivor who is studying it isn’t alone, that there is hope out there, that there are safe coping skills, and that gaining an education can be really bolstering of your confidence and general understanding of what has happened to you…


Monday, June 24, 2024

How We Reached Over 1,000 Views In 7 Days!! – A Massive Thank You!!

You may have realised that despite the Shake My Hand social media accounts being active since May 30th, the website didn’t actually launch until almost three weeks later (Monday June 17th). With today being the one-week anniversary(!), it’s amazing and I (Aimee Wilson, Founder) am super grateful to be able to say that has reached over 1,000 views! As is natural with a lot of achievements, I’ve gone back over everything that’s been done in order to have reached this point; and I thought I’d share the thoughts about that with all of you…


Thursday, June 13, 2024

We Answer The Questions Rape & Sexual Abuse Can Raise

No matter what the situation is in which the rape or sexual abuse has occurred – whether it’s between people who know each other or not – it can bring so many confusing moments and they can obviously and understandably lead to a ton of questions. Questions that the Survivor asks of themselves. Questions they want to ask of their abuser/rapist. Questions they ask of their entire upbringing or of their ethics and belief system. It can get pretty intense and, sometimes, even if a Survivor gets some answers, they can be left feeling more confused than when they had none! So, we’ve decided to tackle some of the questions rape and sexual abuse might raise for a Survivor and we’ve answered them for you…


5 Quotes Inspiring Recovery After Rape & Sexual Abuse

One difficult aspect of rape and sexual abuse is that no matter how frequent it occurs, it’s an issue that is still incredibly difficult to relate to without direct, personal experience. A popular means of inspiring relatable and validating content online is by utilising quotes or lyrics, so we’ve discovered five quotes which I feel inspire recovery for Survivors of rape and sexual abuse...


Why We Signed The Rape Crisis England & Wales Petition & Why You Should Too

Last week, we signed a petition for Rape Crisis England and Wales where they are campaigning for political parties to commit to keeping the life-saving Rape Crisis Centres open despite the UK General Election. The Government’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Fund is a core aspect to the funding of these Centres, but there has been no official commitment from any political party to extend that Funding beyond March 2025 and this puts the future of the Centres at great risk…

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